Manual flush golang http.ResponseWriter

golang flush http.ResponseWriter

Problem For a recent project I wanted to start rendering the HTML page even if the server was still working on a long runing task. (For showing the loading screen of without the use of JavaScript) My code looked basically like following: loadingHTMLByteReader is the HTML I already wanted to render even that the […]

WIFIonICE not working on Linux

ICE train having a free wifi logo on it

If you are reading this post and are currently suffering from Deutsche Bahn WIFIonICE not working on your Linux laptop ask yourself “Is docker running on my laptop?”. If not or you don’t know what docker is, I am sorry that this blog post will not help you. So you have docker running on your machine. The problem with WIFIonICE on Linux and docker is, that they use the same subnets for giving you IPs. A subnetwork or subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network The practice of dividing a network into two or more networks is called subnetting. Wikipedia Solutions As you can not change the router of the train you need to fix/circumvent the issue on your laptop.: Temporary: Disable docker If you do not have work with docker during your train ride, the simplest option is to disable docker and the problem will be gone. Nicolas Kuttler build a neat little script to do that for your. Get it on his website: execute the script with sh [your saved scripname].sh on to stop docker (weird that he uses the keyword on for actually shutting docker off :D)After you trainride you can reenable docker with sh [your saved scripname].sh off Permanently: Change docker0 subnet Searching trough the net I found several solutions on how to do that, involving […]

Local WordPress plugin development with docker-compose

Wordpress on Docker Whale

As my WordPress plugin development process was quite flawed (Write code locally => upload via FTP => test on server => repeat :’D) I had to search for a better solution for being able to local develop plugins and test them. I used this awful process before as I did not want to install all […]